Minnesota Reading Association

Dyslexia Policy Guide Resources

To better address some of the misconceptions that exist around the definition and treatment of what is commonly referred to as dyslexia, the Executive Council of the Minnesota Reading Association has decided to help promote and publish the following resources. 

The first is an informational paper drawn up by Minnesota Department of Education.  Working with advocates and specialists in the field of dyslexia and other reading difficulties, MDE has developed this document  offers answers to frequently asked questions, quality indicators, tips, best practices and nationally recognized resources to help students who struggle with reading in school. Navigating the School System When a Student is Struggling with Reading or Dyslexia give students, parents, teachers and principals a ready reference on how to describe struggling readers, how to navigate school services and supports and how to judge the quality of services for students. View the full document here.

As an additional resource, you might also refer to a policy brief on dyslexia drawn up by the Minnesota Center for Reading Research at the University of Minnesota, which can be found here.

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